Doppio Malto

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Craft beer tradition in your city

We are looking for fellow travellers and partners in business. They have to be chosen with care and have to be supported in every step of development of the project. We provide them with all the instruments to grow together with our brand. Doppio Malto is our #postofelice, our happy place, and it could become yours too!


Do you have the location?

Doppio Malto format is versatile and can be developed on stand alone locations, malls and retail parks. Following these features:

  • Min. 80.000 citizens in a range of roughly 30 minutes by car;
  • Min. 400 square meters of surface per store;
  • Suburbs location with min. 40 car parks;
  • Min. 150 seats in store

Do you search a location?

The Development Department of Doppio Malto is able to evaluate properties and projects of potential franchisees and offer them all the necessary support in the research and negotiation phases of new locations.


Do you want to convert your pub/restaurant into Doppio Malto?

Becoming a Doppio Malto partner can be the solution to boost your business, reach more efficiency and empower the business through a strong and fast-growing brand with a captivating and modern highly appreciated mood in the industry.


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