We grind malt grains without breaking them

A short and quite needed premise: malt is not an ingredient that is found in nature, it is the result of a process in which cereals (mainly barley, in the case of beer) transform starches in fermentable sugars. Malt is the key element that determines the color of the beer, and it joins hop to create its taste.

We mash in warm water to create wort

Water is really fundamental if we consider that beer is made for almost its 90% by this element! It must be chosen carefully, because the mineral salts contained can interact with all the other ingredients.

We filter the wort, boil it and hop it

The latin name for hop is humulus lupulus: the wolf-plant. This wild side has an enormous impact on the character of the brew, because it determines the aroma and its level of bitterness. For beer production, only female plant flowers are used, of which many different varieties exist, each with different characteristics that reflect in beer.

We cool it down and ferment it

Yeast is the main actor of the process that makes beer an alcoholic beverage by transforming sugars into alcohol, starting the fermentation process.

We Bottle it

And serve it right at your table. Nice and Fresh.